Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Ancient Weapons and Helmet from the Balkans

My wife is my trusty guide to the museums of New York City. Today she led me to New York University's Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, on East 86th Street not far from Central Park.


The current exhibit of interest is Ritual and Memory, Balkan artifacts from the 5th millennia to the first century BCE. About noon a graduate student in archaeology arrived to lead a tour. No one else was there, so we got a 20 minute guided tour for just the two of us. Nice. Of course, I was most impressed by the bronze age weapons and later Thracian ceremonial helmet. I’ll let the photos of the artifacts and the accompanying museum text do the talking.

As always, click on the photos, especially the musuem text, to enlarge the images.

The exhibit is up through February 19. The link is here.
It is notable that institutions from several nations collaborated on this exhibit.


Masks are not required but welcome. The price? Free. Not often you can say that about NYC events. If you are in the city by that date and are interested, it is worth the detour. They ask you to check in, but all they want to know is your zip code.

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