Saturday, January 11, 2020

Parthian Shots

I finally finished painting and basing my Parthian Army of 15mm Khurasan Miniatures. The process was drawn out by trips out of town and painter’s block. But here they are. I don’t have any Daylami or mountaineer infantry, since none were listed in the Parthian online page. Should I need some I’ll use Dark Age barbarians until I find a good source for figures. Some of my DBA armies don’t have all the options. This is one of them. We’ll see how these lads fare on the table when next we get around to DBA or Basic Impetus.

The army has
4 elements of cataphracts (4KN)
12 elements of horse archers (2LH)
2 elements of fast bows (3BW)
3 elements of archers (2PS)

They will share my toothpick camps with their 15mm brethren. I don't have enough storage space for each army to have their own camp. I barely have enough for these lads.