Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Battle of Coulmiers Nov 9 1870, part 1

The following was played on October 6, 2016. German units are in italics.

The Corlears Hook Fencibles started a game of the 1870 battle of Coulmiers using the Bloody Big Battles rules as part of our ongoing refight of the major battles of the Franco-Prussian War. We got off to a late start and Bill had to leave early so we didn’t finish the game. Bill commanded the Bavarians as von der Tann. I played French general Chanzy while Rick was French general D’Aurelle.

The badly outnumbered Bavarians were deployed around their center and right, with Dietl’s small brigade deployed forward in rifle pits. Bill opted not to contest the two objectives on his left flank. It seems a good move though next week will tell the tale.

The French marched onto the table and eradicated Dietl’s brigade.

The Prussian cavalry pounced

The French fought well (good dice) and the Prussian cavalry were a tad hesitant (low dice). Had the charge been fiercer it might really have rocked the French left.

We broke for dinner. On our return, the French fire dice lit up.

Turn five gave optional reinforcements to both sides: a brigade of raw infantry threatening the Bavarian right (welcome indeed) and the small veteran Bavarian Lieb regiment behind their center.

We had played 5 turns in a little under two hours. The French had lost 6 infantry bases, 1 ran away. The Germans had lost 2 infantry bases and two cavalry bases. The French had one objective with another about to fall to the French cavalry (which had moved from left flank to the right). The French need to capture 3 more objectives in two turns for a victory (the historical result). It is possible but definitely not a sure thing. The German artillery has been roughly handled but French losses are heavy. Tune in next week.

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