Monday, August 14, 2017

Marengo mat, brand new

This is what we'll try on Thursday the 24th, Marengo. The paint is still wet on this canvas mat, 5 X 4 feet. I have some small details to add when it is dry.

The crossroads (perhaps better called a fork) is where Desaix put in the counter-attack that wrecked the hitherto victorious Austrians. I'm working with brigades as basic units, each base = 500 troops and 12 to 18 guns. The Austrians will use the 18 guns per base due to the small caliber of most of them (3 lb). Also most of them were battalion guns and so did not have the command structure to mass and move. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It will be a first test of my nascent scenario and we'll see if it needs work. The map is based on the detailed maps in the Osprey Marengo book by Hollins. I've played Marengo over the years with Volley & Bayonet and a since abandoned home-brew set, among others. Having a really detailed map makes a big difference - all the marsh and vineyards! I recall the first map I ever saw, in the West Point Atlas of Napoleonic Wars. It shows mostly open ground with a spurious ridge running down the center of the field.