Saturday, May 30, 2020

Yorktown II, Turn 5...

                                            Yes, used this picture before but ain't it grand?

Turn 5 (8:08 PM)

There have rumors of heavenly creatures and other untoward events. But what happens back in 1781 is that the allied assaults are getting stalled. The British are sending off volley after volley and feeling pretty cocky at the delays in the allied attack.

Redoubt 9 Lt. Col. McPherson

ORDERS: Continue firing and throwing grenades.
ARGUMENT: The British have +1 on their fire roll.
- We've been cutting them down pretty consistently so far and are working into a rhythm now. As patterns are repeated our success should increase.
- The fact that they're closer still, and the fires from the grenades make them easier to see and target.
- The accumulated wounded and grenade explosions increase chaos and confusion among the French making them less agile and easier targets.
Argument strength: average. The French are seasoned professionals although their commanders do appear a bit confused.. But the objective is clear (move up the hill and take the redoubt) so
the confusion does not have a material effect on French movement.
Argument die roll: 1. Argument fails        Fire die roll: 4

General de Viomenil

Oh supreme, exalted one! I have placed upon the alter one fat and  juicy free range groundhog. I shall roast it in your honor ! Hale to thee !

Order:  CHARGE!!!
Argument: this is what we are here for. Effect:    The French gain the Parapet.
Amusement value: 2, although this minor deity is tired of all these small animals and desires something with more heft and blood.

Argument strength: impossible. The French cannot make the parapet without first getting through the fraises. This deity appears in a burning bush and speaks in a voice of dread to say that this appears to be an order masquerading as an argument and this deity is not pleased.

Result of the turn: the French are further shaken and they stop at the fraises.

Redoubt 10         Major Campbell

Order fire
Argument close range gives +1 modifier to fire
They are within 10 yards
Argument strength: average       Argument die roll: 5. Argument succeeds.
Fire die roll: 1 modified to 2. Fire has no effect.

Lt. Col. Hamilton

Move: Charge the parapet.
Argument: Enemy suffers a -1 to morale because
1. The imminent loss of their uphill advantage and the protection of their fortifications fills their hearts with dread.
2. Despite their best efforts they’ve done nothing but slow our advance—the realization that they are entirely ineffectual renders them despondent.
3. Our deafening battle cry makes their knees wobble.

Amusement value: 1, although it would be higher if we knew what the deafening battle cry was.
Argument strength: very weak. The fraises have to be cut through and there is no order given in turn 4 or 5 for this action.
Argument die roll: 1. Argument fails

Result of the turn: The Americans mill around at the fraises and calls are made for the sappers to come forward. Major Campbell looks over the parapet and heaps calumny on the Americans. Somehow Campbell knows that the Americans are led by Hamilton and he shouts that this confusion is what you get when a bastard leads your charge rather than a true born gentleman. 

(Major Campbell notes that a minor deity (the umpire) is putting words in his mouth.)

Stay tuned for Turn 6 (8:10 PM)…