Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nagy-Sallo 1849

Last Thursday we played the battle of Nagy-Sallo, a scenario of the 1848-49 Hungarian Independence War. The scenario is in the latest issue (#411) of Miniature Wargames magazine and available from their online downloads. The table is a compact 4X4 feet with quite a bit of terrain. We got off to a late start but the game went quickly. Bill and Rick commanded the Croats-Austrians while I led the Hungarians. Croat-Austrians are in italics in the photos.

I began moving to threaten the central village of Nagy-Sallo and the enemy artillery lit up with smoking dice.

Both sides rolled hot fire fight dice.
Bill’s dice went cold during assaults.
I rolled some hot fire dice.

Poor focus, smashing attack.

Reinforcements began to arrive and march forward towards the fight.

It was the last turn of the game. I had to take one objective for a tie, two for a victory.
I kept one – could I hold the other?

In a little over two hours, the Croat-Austrians lost 5 infantry stand and 1 run off from 14 engaged. Brigade Theissinger did arrive but didn’t see action. The Hungarians lost 5 infantry stands (1 run off) of 20 engaged. One artillery unit was destroyed. A number of cavalry appeared late in the game and were enveloping the enemy right flank as the sun went down. A few turns earlier and they would have dislocated the enemy line.

I’m off for the July 4th weekend early tomorrow. This game may get played again next week because I probably won’t have time to take it down and set up another.

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