Friday, April 28, 2017

First Bull Run (again)

Thursday evening the Corlears Hook Fencibles played an updated version of our First Bull Run scenario using the Bloody Big Battles rules. Some changes were made to the scenario since last week. We switched sides for this game. Bill and Jay tried to put down the rebellion while Rick and I fought for independence, state’s rights and the peculiar institution. The extra troops in Smith’s large brigade of last game were peeled off and fielded as Kershaw’s small demi-brigade. Confederate units and leaders are in italics in this report and photos.

Things went off quickly as the Union decided to make an end run around Matthews Hill with Porter’s brigade and the artillery.
Burnside and Evans both became spent in a nasty fight.
The rapid Union movement slowed down. Burnside spent a number of turns recovering from the carnage on Matthews Hill.

Things heated up around Henry House Hill.

And then…

Keyes was sent about his business.

Both sides packed troops onto Henry House Hill. The Union had only one objective, the Stone Bridge. They needed two for a tie and three for a win.

The Union was unable to clear Henry House Hill of Confederates. The Union lost again but all agreed that it had been close and if a few things had gone the other way it might have been a tie or even a Union victory. It is balanced in favor of the Confederates but they did win the actual battle.

It took a little under 3 hours for us to play 9 turns. Union losses were 7 infantry stands and 1 run off (of 37). The Confederates lost 7 infantry stands, 1 run off (of 36) and 1 artillery battalion blown up.

 I’ll send the updated scenario to Chris. That will be all for a while as my wife and I will be out of town for a bit. I may post some rambling stuff here but no battle reports until June. Adios, amigos.

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David Cooke said...

Great report. I must try BBB rules.