Friday, January 12, 2018

New 15-18mm figures painted

I have been slowly painting up some new figures. Since weather and the local subway system conspired to postpone the game scheduled yesterday, I decided to post the pictures today in lieu of an after-action report. The figures are for two different projects; yes, I can't stay focused on one.

First up are Essex French Revolutionary command figures. I had some 60 old French bicorne infantry from the 70's in my closet and painted them up a few years back. They are true 15mm and looked rather silly when mixed with larger French command stands from a slighter later period. So I purchased these figures from Essex and paper flags from Maverick. The Essex figures are more detailed than the old figures, but much closer in size. At this scale the difference between plain flags and "effect" flags is negligible. The 14th Demi-brigade has plain flags. Can you tell?

The remaining figures are Blue Moon for French & Indian War skirmish games using Muskets & Tomahawks. Our last game saw a mixed British force bent on wiping out an Indian village. Of course, we had no villagers painted and had to use settlers. Next time, we will have proper Indian villagers. I may add a few brighter blankets/cloaks at some time in the future. As you can see, these are nice figures. My painting will suffice.

Last are frontier militia, the very chaps who might be seeking a village to eradicate. Or defend their own settlement against a similar raid.

Hopefully next week will see the after-action report from the first week of young Bonaparte's 1796 campaign in Italy.


Phil said...

Alawys glad to see militia units, diversified and superb...and the bicornes are very impressive, waiting for the batrep!

Joseph.Cade said...

Very nice!

I use Blue Moon Indians and then a mix of militia and ECW figs to game King Philip's War using Pikeman's Lament rules from Osprey. I love Blue Moon figs and they are very reasonably priced.

As always I enjoy your BBB battle reports!